ARTYVECTS – Paper meets Passion for Design

The low-down. .

What we had in mind was to create a little piece of wearable art. Something pretty yet practical. And what’s the one thing you tend to carry around every day? A wallet. That’s right. Now for our ideas to – quite literally – take shape, we needed a material, which has the versatility of paper and the durability of leather. And we found it. The perfect material to let our creativity and love of detail run free: Tyvek®.

The canvas..

Tyvek®1. Since the initial discovery in 1955 that led to Tyvek®, the material has been used in a variety of industries, ranging from construction to graphics. Because it is lightweight yet durable, water resistant and won’t rip, it is made to last. At the same time it can be slit, cut, scored, laminated, embossed, grommetted and sewn, making it extremely versatile. We use Tyvek® to create 100% recyclable, lightweight wallets. Each one is handmade and artfully designed.

The name.

Our company name is based on a clever little word play on ‘ART’ – as in the pocket-sized art we create, and TYVEK – as in canvas, not paper, that is.

The logo.

Our logo reflects Artyvects’ philosophy. Here we took inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of paper folding or Origami, and its probably best known model: the crane. The crane in Japan is a symbol of good fortune, but in Western cultures too birds tend to be symbols of freedom and lightness.

Artyvects – Designed with passion. Manufactured with love.